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The sad truth about degradable bags
Save up to 50% 
on Printer Cartridges 
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Call us on (03) 6231 3171 and ask us how much you can save on your particular cartridge type... or check out our price comparisons.

Their silver tongue could cost you a heap!


... if they even hinted that using our printer

cartridges will void your printer warranty.

It's simply not true... or legal...

A small, service-focused business means you get excellent value for money without sacrificing quality.


We are a wholly Tasmanian owned company, based in Hobart, with decades of experience in ink and toner cartridges.


Whether new or refurbished, Australian Laser charge provide the best quality toner cartridges in Hobart.  All our toner cartridges are covered by a money back guarantee… even our refurbished toner cartridges.


When you choose our planet-saving refurbished toner cartridges they will work like new or your money back. And you’ll save up to 50% on the new toner cartridge price!


We also carry a huge range of new printer cartridges and inkjet printer cartridges.


You can expect:

              - Substantial savings on a range of locally Refurbished Printer Cartridges

              - A huge range of new and original Ink & Laser Cartridges

              - A range of the most affordable Home & Small Office Printers

              - Free delivery in Hobart within 24 hours - within minutes on some occasions!

              - Low, low shipping rates to anywhere in Australia Australia