We stock refurbished, compatible and new printer cartridges.

Here's some information to help you make your choice.

When you should be buying a compatible 
printer cartridge.


If Refurbished Cartridges are not available. These are generally cartridges that are not refurbished locally in Tasmania and in some cases, may simply be refilled, but are an environmentally preferable option to new cartridges.

When you should buy refurbished printer cartridges that are guaranteed.


If you want to save money without sacrificing print quality.

If you want your children to inherit a better planet.

If you want to pay less, without the risk of damaging your printer.

If you want to support Tasmanian business.

When you should buy genuine new printer cartridges.

If saving money on printer cartridges doesn't interest you.

If you haven't read our guarantee on refurbished cartridges.

If you own shares in one of the big printer manufacturers.

If we don't have refurbished cartridges in stock, because too many people are sending their cartridges for recycling before they have been reused. Printer Cartridges can be reused at least a dozen times.


Sometimes refurbished cartridges aren't available for a specific printer, but can supply new as well... and often at cheaper prices than even the major multi-national chains.