We don’t intend to deliver on our quality guarantee 

on refurbished toner cartridges!

That’s our intention from the moment we check the cartridge before refurbishing.

We check to make sure that all parts are operating as new.

Then we replace any worn parts, refill the cartridge and test it.

Then we test it again with the sole intention of ensuring that you never have to call us and ask for another one ... or your money back.

In the unlikely event that a cartridge doesn’t work like a new one (and let’s face it, this can even happen to a new one) we’ll gladly replace the cartridge or refund your money.

Then we’ll go and check the checker and make sure it never happens again!

Call us to save up to 50% on a new cartridge price and help us save the planet for our kids.

Our guarantee applies to all our cartridges including Ink Cartridges and Toner Cartridges.

If it doesn't work like it should, we replace it or you get your money back.

Our Printer Protection Guarantee

Should this remanufactured cartridge not perform as stated and consequently cause damage to your printer, ALC will meet the cost of repair or replacement of that printer at its sole discretion, subject to the following conditions:


Please advise ALC of any printer related problem before any repair work is arranged.

Costs to repair damage will be met be ALC  where proven damage has occurred as a direct result of materials and/or procedures used in the remanufacture of this cartridge. This liability specifically excludes damage occurred whether or not the cartridge has been remnaufactured.

Any claim for repairs must first be made against the printer manufacturer, and be subsequently denied giving full details of damage and costs repair together with reasons why it denies liability.

Repair costs will be reimbursed immediately after the manufacturers denial of claim is verified.