Different in so many ways... with two things in common.

We actually like people... and we won't let you down.

I’m Mike Lemm…not the boss, the boss’s boss. Owner really. I don’t really do any bossing. I don’t have to. I’ve been fortunate to have a team of people working for me that don’t need a boss…. usually don’t need a boss:)


I didn’t start ALC, I bought it some 25 years ago. After working with a bank for most of my working life (don’t ask me which bank), I wanted to do something that made me feel good about what I was doing… and this seemed to tick all my boxes.


So… that’s what made ALC a fit… and I bought it. Earn a respectable living? Tick. Do something good for the planet? Tick. Help others do something good for the planet? Tick. Feel good about my work? Tick.


Remanufactured (refurbished if you prefer) printer cartridges was where we started… and it was a good thing to do. We collected empties, even the ones that we couldn’t refurbish for resale. That left us with a problem… and alerted us to the need to recycle the plastics and other materials. So, we bought a plastic chipper and started shipping the plastic chips off to The Replas factory in Victoria to be made into plastic products like park benches and bollards. Then we started selling the products … and that part of the business has grown and grown. Expect to see more and more recycled plastic products appearing in parks and public buildings… and even private residences over the next ten years.


Sorry… got off the point. This was supposed to be about me… then again, this business is pretty much me.

Hi, I'm Ben. I've been working with ALC for more than 10 years.


I refurbish cartridges in our workshop and pick up and deliver them to your desk.

If you have issues with your printer I can help diagnose or even fix problems, so you don’t have to pay for an ‘official’ technician. It’s often just something foreign in or on the printer. Coins, blu-tack, white-out and torn paper are the main culprits.


I also exchange the BIG YELLOW BOXES that we use to collect your unused cartridges. We refurbish cartridges for RE-USE when we can, then all other waste gets sent off for recycling.


When I’m not dashing around in the ALC van, you can find me chauffeuring my kids around to sports and other activities most days of the week.

0419 893 909      benc@lasercharge.com.au

Hi I’m Mat – or Mathew for the more formal – I don’t mind either… I’m not a direct part of the ALC team, but if you’re calling us you will occasionally get me on the phone, sorry for that!

What I do aim to achieve here is to sell Replas products, in fact it’s my job – handy how both align?

I don’t really see myself as a salesman, but when reality bites, that’s exactly what I am – however I prefer to consider myself  a problem solver, hopefully our products and my knowledge of them will one day solve a problem for you. That’s where my job satisfaction comes from, that and knowing at the same time we’re saving some plastic from going into landfill – we can always do more!

Outside of my job here, my primary goal is to have some fun and the easiest way to do this is by spending time with my wife and two daughters – if you spent five minutes with them and didn’t laugh I’d be very surprised.

0488 313 969    mathew@replas.com.au