It's not enough to simply reuse cartridges.

Cartridges have a life... and at the end of that life as a cartridge, dumping to landfill is simply NOT a reasonable option.

Replas Tasmania was born out of this realisation and as early as the 1990s, Australian Laser Charge undertook to address the issue.

We started with the purchase of a plastic chipper to break down the plastic components and shipped plastic pellets to the mainland to be converted to recycled plastic products, such as park benches, bollards and planking.

No financial gain to us unfortunately - it was a cost in fact, but one we were happy to bear - but sometimes, you just have to take a stand and do something for the planet... even if it hits you in the wallet.

Then we took the next step. Many years later, we started bringing these recycled products to Tasmania (mostly for commercial use) and eventually expanded the range to supply a residential customer as well.

A full range of products is now available in Tasmania and homeowners, Government Departments, Councils and businesses with an eye on the environment and a maintenance-free future are taking advantage of these beautiful products that require virtually no upkeep for decades.

View the entire range of:

TREX Recycled Decking Products

Recycled Signs, Bollards and Other Recycled Plastic Products

Call Mathew Philpott on 0488313 969 for information and pricing

or email us at for an information pack.

Saving you money on printer cartridges, while you help save the planet.

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