If we bought a new car every time we ran out of fuel, the planet would be dead already ... and we’d be broke!

And if we recycled instead of reusing or refurbishing our printer cartridges whenever they were empty, the same thing would happen... it would just take a little bit longer.

Before you drop your cartridge into a box for recycling, let us refurbish for resale and we can keep this planet in better shape for longer... and save people dollars (a lot of them) on new cartridges.

"The greatest threat to our planet
is the belief that someone else will save it"
Australian Laser Charge is a specialist remanufacturer and retailer of toner cartridges here in Hobart, Tasmania and actively promotes and endorses the triple bottom line philosophy of balancing the relationship between economic, social & environmental factors.

ALC’s policy of reuse in preference to recycling is in line with the recognised waste management hierarchy

now used as best practice throughout the world.

If a cartridge can be successfully refurbished - reused in fact… it will be. If it can’t, we will ensure it is

recycled in an environmentally responsible way.

All packaging materials are either reused or recycled locally in Hobart.

Waste avoidance is the most important feature of waste management. ALC is committed to helping Tasmania's business community achieve social, environmental and economic advantages.
We try to build public awareness of the environmental issues, particularly those that are pertinent to our industry and
the State of Tasmania, i.e. the generation and disposal of “e” waste, and the avoidance options and solutions that
cartridge remanufacture and green purchasing make available.
We practice what we preach, now using 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Our aim is to stem the flow of printer cartridges sent to landfill, millions annually throughout the world.

Australian Laser Charge is working towards  “zero to landfill” .