Just greedy?

So… at least one printer cartridge manufacturer wants to stop you saving $s on refurbished cartridges, by marking their cartridges ‘single use’ even though they can be used multiple times… or ‘not for resale’… to make sure customers have to buy a new cartridge from them, instead of using refurbished cartridges.

And they got away with it (temporarily at least) in the US, by suing a company that re-sold refurbished (refilled if you like) cartridges. We can still supply compatible, refurbished cartridges here in Australia.

The US Government thinks this is rubbish and has asked for an “overturn” of the decision, and “urged” the Supreme Court to review it. The court agreed to take on the case on Friday 2 December, noting that the case will “decide how much control patent holders have over how their products are used after they are sold”.

The International Imaging Technology Council (I-ITC) noted that the Supreme Court “has routinely been overturning patent holders’ positions supported by the federal circuit”, and it pointed out that it “wants decision makers at all levels of government to know about the importance of our industry. These briefs convince judges of the importance of a fair and open marketplace for imaging supplies”.

It all looks good for supply of refurbished cartridges here in Australia... and hopefully good sense will prevail in the US.

We’ll keep you posted. If you want to read the entire article (it’s a bit of a brain twister) take a look here.

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