This just happened to a customer!

Colin, one of our staff, just helped a friend and colleague save over $200.00 on a single cartridge last week.

And No, we didn't do him a "favour". The customer was looking for a cartridge for his printer.

Unfortunately we didn't stock refurbished catridges for that model, so we told him we would have had to get one in and it wouldn't be until Friday, due to the Australia Day break. He tried going direct (because it was urgent) only to discover that they too would have to order one in... but the price was over $200 more than ours! And we deliver free to the door! Multiply the saving by the number of cartridges you might need in a year and you could be talking enough for 7 days in Bali! So please shop around, but don't forget to call us for an alternative quote. We just might be able to save you some real money ... and time.

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