150,000 OEM printers hacked

Relax, it probably wasn't yours, but your printer could be the weak point in your information security according to Recycler magazine. ‘Stackoverflowin’ hacked HP Inc, Epson, Canon and Brother printers to show the vulnerability of their security, and the potential for hackers to steal documents and data. Last month The Recycler reported on the lack of printer security across the OEMs, with new research having discovered 61 percent of businesses have fallen foul of insecure printing data. The recent hacking by white-hat hacker ‘Stackoverflowin’ highlighted the need for increased security of printers, noted the article, after he sent out 150,000 print jobs in 24 hours. The page printed showed a robot with a message from the hacker, part of which read “your printer is a flaming botnet” and further on “your printer has been owned”. The good news is that it may be simple to fix. A solution to the problem came from someone commenting online, who said “to shut down this exploit is relatively easy In the long run, as long as you close port 9100 and put an admin password on the printer you should be good. Read the full article at therecycler.com

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