HP “intentionally sabotaged customer printers”... Girard Gibbs LLP

A recent firmware upgrade has been released for the HP M602 family of printers and the HP M4555 family of all-in-one printers. The cartridge that is affected is the HP90X.

New printers are being shipped with this latest firmware incorporated and The Recycler understands that other printer models may be affected and a blanket firmware upgrade is likely to happen soon.

The firmware changes could lock out aftermarket consumables produced before June 2018. The Recycler understands that upgraded replacement chips will be available through normal channels from August.

David Connett, President of Etira, said “This is another example of OEMs using firmware changes to lock out and negatively impact on consumers of reused cartridges that deliver real financial and environmental savings. I urge Etira members to inform customers of this unilateral action and use their stocks of affected cartridges as soon as possible.”

This is far from the first time that the OEM has hit the headlines for its controversial firmware updates. In May 2018, the company’s Australian subsidiary became embroiled in scandal and had to offer compensation to customers after selling 220,000 printers which had been designed to block third-party cartridges.

HP has also been taken to court in America over its firmware updates, with legal proceedings being initiated by Girard Gibbs LLP, who alleged that HP had “intentionally sabotaged customer printers” and sought restitution and an injunction. (RECYCLER MAGAZINE JULY 2018)

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