Councils locked out of recycling facilities.

More than 20 councils in two states were locked out of materials recovery facilities at 5pm, on Monday, February 18.

Tasmania could be next.

The facility, issued with the Environmental Protection Agency order, currently receives 50 per cent of Victoria’s kerbside recycling across three facilities, two of which have received shutdown notices by the EPA.

Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) CEO Gayle Sloan said there is simply no excuse for the lack of action on recycled material. She noted its been more than 12 months since National Sword commenced and government and industry are well aware of the impacts.

“China’s policy (to ban the import of overseas waste) is but the tip of the iceberg. Industry has long known that Australia required processing and reprocessing infrastructure as well as long‐term solutions to avoid lurching from crisis to crisis. And industry has been advocating for these solutions, including long‐term strategic planning and market development agencies, as an example,” she said.

WMRR urged ministers and the heads of EPA to adopt a five-point plan which includes an industry development fund for remanufacturing to enable the circular economy, national standards for regulation and products, mandated procurement of recycled content goods content, tax reform on recycled content goods and mandated product stewardship schemes for priority materials.

It's out of your hands to a point, but there are some things you can do.

Reduce your usage where possible - it will save you money as well as the planet.

- less unnecessary printing

- disposable cups in staff rooms

- replacing equipment and supplies when they're worn out rather than just a bit 'tired'

- keep your fleet cars just 1 year longer and we'll save 25% of the materials we use

Use refillable and reusable products

- printer cartridges can often be reused - ask us if ALC can supply your printer with refurbished rather than new at a saving of up to 50%

- choose suppliers that reuse their packaging - we get about 4 to 5 cycles from every box we use, saving a couple of square kilometres of cardboard!

- take your own container for your takeaway

Use products made from recycled materials

- paper is an obvious one

- timber alternatives like Trex or NewTechWood last decades longer than timber and never need painting or sanding - yes... our sister company, Replas sells timber alternative bollards, decking, signs, cladding, playground equipment etc ... all made from recycled plastics and other materials.

You don't have to save the planet all at once. Just start with refurbished printer cartridges that work like new or your money back:)

Call us on 6231 3171 if you’d like to save up to 50% on your printer cartridges or for information on our range of recycled timber alternatives.

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