Printer Supplies Shortage - Local Solution

All new OEM branded toner cartridges are imported from global suppliers that may be affected by overseas factory closures and transport issues...

... however Australian Laser Charge (Tas) are NOT reliant on importing the end product.

The possibility of supply chain shortages should not affect your supply if you are ordering refurbished toner cartridges from us.

As long as users continue to provide us with empty cartridges, instead of sending them for premature recycling, we will be able to produce and supply our normal range of toner cartridges.

Although we are not currently experiencing any negative impacts for those clients that do buy new OEM branded products from us, we will obviously keep this under review and advise those clients affected accordingly.

If we can be of any assistance in either supplying additional stock or varying delivery arrangements to meet your individual requirements please let us know.

We truly appreciate your continued support.

Mike Lemm and the Australian Laser Charge team.

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