It probably won't need to last 20 years... but it will!

We still have sanitiser stands that will look good for a decade or more.

It will enhance the way you present now rather than detract from it.

You'll never have to replace it like the flimsy, temporary versions.

It’s made from at least 80% recycled materials, so you can feel good about it.

It looks way better than a cardboard box and half a metre of sticky tape... and classier than most of the commercial offerings available.

You'll be using recycled plastic that will help save a turtle... or a bird... or one of your great grandchildren.

We can supply with your logo and/or a message. Just tell us what you want.

Oh... and it’s just $275each plus GST... plus delivery. Chicken feed... when you consider the quality and the fact that it will still look this good in ten or twenty years if you need it.

Black is the standard, but custom colours are also an option.

Call Mat on 0488 313 969 and tell him what you’d like printed on your stand... or email him at

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Saving you money on printer cartridges, while you help save the planet.

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