Things go wrong... don't get caught short.

Dad can I make a snowman? I’ve always wanted to

But it’s summer in Australia son, there’s nothing I can do.

There’s ice-cream in the freezer dad, it’s frozen and it’s white

I reckon that would do the job, I think I’ll be alright

So I made myself a snowman, as perfect as could be

I thought I’d keep him as a pet and let him sleep with me

I’m made him some pajamas, a pillow for his head

Then last night, he ran away... but first he wet the bed!

Don’t get caught out this Christmas. Order early before you run out or printer cartridges ... or we run away for a break.

Australian Laser Charge will be closing up at 4 on December 23rd and reopening on January 11th at at 8.30 am as usual.

Thanks for sticking with us for another year. We won't pretend that it's been easy, but we're still here and fighting to keep refurbished cartridges and products made using recycled materials cycling through our economy.

Call Ben for anything to do with printers and print supplies on 6231 3171... or

Mathew regarding products made from recycled materials on 0488 313 969.

Have a great break if you're having one... and find some time to enjoy yourself if you're working through the Christmas period.

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